Frictionless International Trade

OriginTrail’s partners from BSI, OneAgrix, and SCAN/HomeDepot explain the importance of OTs solutions and how they utilize ODN. This event is a must watch to hear all the real world use cases of OriginTrail straight from their partner’s mouths. It is impossible to extract all the information from these events as it would be too much to transcript everything that is being said, but for those who are short on time and don’t have time to watch, here are some transcripts from each of the representatives during this session:

Ken McElroy, Global Manager, Trade Risk & Export Compliance at Home Depot & Vice-Chair at SCAN

I am really passionate about the fact that most of what supply chains do is really generate costs as opposed to generating revenue. So one of the things that we’ve been able to accomplish in the last 6 years of my career is launching a trustable platform that actually generates a return on investment from what would normally be considered a cost center in a supply chain. The fact that we can arrange this and have it be trustworthy is really attributable to the fact that we have a verifiable, trusted blockchain environment that allows us to share that data.

Everybody wants their data protected, they want their supply chain as anonymous as it can be. What OriginTrail, BSI, and SCAN have accomplished is the ability to have competitors sharing compliance information on facilities that they are doing business with, without knowing who of their competitors are doing business with the same locations.

Where we’re trying to take this going forward is really to say we’re trying to take this to the point where we can create an end-to-end data flow verifiable trace of where a product starts in the supply chain and manufacture to where it lands at destination ultimately to the retail shelf so that anyone can take a verifiable UPC scannable detail and say ok this product came from point A to point B through this, this and this network or interchange without any tampering or whatever, so that’s really the innovation that Dan (Purtell, Head of Innovation at BSI) was highlighting before…The fact that we have the ability to link data from different organizations and put that together, that’s really the cutting edge perspective I think from a supply chain perspective in today’s market.

In the World Trade Organization (WTO) there are data components that are uniformly exchanged between origin and destination with regard to transportation parameters. So, where we are trying to go first is to be able to potentially link the supply chain security details that the SCAN Association and partners are grabbing and then potentially marry those up with the transportation details that a regulatory agency wants with regard to maintaining the secure transition of goods from point A to point B.

The beauty of this technology going forward is that the owners of the data own the permission for who can have access to it. So it’s a complete shift. That’s where I think the beauty of where we’re going with secure data exchanges is going to be going forward.

Dan Purtell, BSI Director of Innovation

Digital trust is very important to us, OriginTrail and blockchain technology help us verify claims in a very immutable way. It’s a great strategic partnership with BSi and we only plan on growing it.

We need transparency within the global supply chain, and I think that’s where we’ve really benefitted, as well as our clients, from the relationship that we have with OriginTrail, with the Decentralized Knowledge Graph, and everything that comes with it. What we’re co-creating together really provides a very powerful solution that’s growing very quickly.

Again, there is plenty more being discussed during this event and I would highly recommend watching the entire thing.

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