OriginTrail's digital logbook for the contruction sector

This BUILDCHAIN project aims to overcome challenges in data exchange within the construction industry, such as data silos, lack of standardization, data security, and insufficient incentives for data sharing. The DKG will offer a tamper-proof, decentralized database accessible to all stakeholders in a building’s life cycle, enhancing transparency, trust, and collaboration. Key features include connected digital twins for real-time data access, blockchain-based data verification, AI-driven predictive maintenance, and compliance with regulations. This project represents a significant advancement in managing building information, contributing to the sustainability and efficiency of the construction sector.

The BUILDCHAIN Project aims to promote the sustainability of the construction industry in the European Union. The project is supported by the European Union and is focused on developing solutions that will enable construction companies to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings, reduce their environmental impact, and promote the use of sustainable materials. The project is led by a consortium of European companies, research institutes, and universities; and it will use blockchain technology to create a platform that will enable construction companies to share data and collaborate more effectively. The platform will be built using OriginTrail's Decentralized Knowledge Graph.

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