In the emerging mixed reality landscape where the metaverse intersects with the physical world, the importance of accurate information, data origin, and validation is paramount. Proof of Authenticity becomes crucial in this blended environment. Additionally, content creators in this new era of mixed reality stand to benefit from a digital catalog hosted on the DKG, where their creations can be used in generative AI by others in a way that encourages innovation but also ensures artists' compensation and their intellectual property rights upheld. The DKG serves as a foundational layer to facilitate these imperatives, offering a structure that supports veracity, artistic contribution, and copyright integrity.

CanvasLand Metaverse Production is pioneering in the mixed reality world by adopting OriginTrail as their way to verify authenticity and traceability of source.

TracVerse is a Graph Omniverse blending AI and blockchain within the OriginTrail ecosystem to offer dynamic storytelling by all content creators.

The DKG can be used to establish connections between different metaverses, virtual assets and digital identities within the metaverse, creating a interconnected trustworthy and transparent web of information that can help create a more immersive and believable virtual world.

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