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Several Canadian firms joins Trace Alliance to advance EU-Canada collaboration on supply chain integrity

Canada-based InCube, Convergence.Tech, and NutriScope joins to Trace Alliance in 2020.

The partnership will help advance collaboration and trade between the European Union (EU) and Canadian companies and to strengthen supply chain transparency, enhance trust, and ensure data integrity. This new working group is not only expected to use the OriginTrail Decentralised Network to improve transparency and trust in supply chains, but also to propose action points to both the Canadian government and the EU Commission in improving supply chain data integrity during trades.

Convergence.Tech is a digital transformation company based in Toronto, Canada. Partnering with clients and leveraging today’s leading technologies along with deep industry-specific expertise, Convergence enables innovation to take place so that organizations can become digital leaders. Operating globally, with active projects worldwide, their team also works closely with government bodies, humanitarian agencies, and corporations. Possessing extensive consultancy experience, Convergence advises, develops, and implements technology solutions on a global scale; to include complex regions such as India, Mongolia, and Afghanistan. Many of these solutions get powered by blockchain technology and get centered on environmental impact and sustainability initiatives.

CEO Chami Akmeemana commented:

“We believe in open source platforms and we are very excited to join the Trace Alliance to listen, learn, and participate in best practice sharing across the workgroups and to explore how the OriginTrail protocol may assist and add value in our client engagements.”

InCube Mobility Solutions was founded in 2004. InCube offers unique best-in-class software, top of the line mobile hardware and the most trustworthy expertise in supply chain and logistics. InCube has more than 2,100 clients across 80 countries and operates with 150+ staff including 60 inhouse developers and offices in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, North America (Toronto) and Europe (Brussels). InCube solutions are helping clients to overcome the many complex supply chain management challenges in food, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals and tobacco sectors using GS1 standards.

CEO Khaldoon Zaid Kaylani commented:

“Joining the Trace Alliance gives us the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded technology providers who believe in the power of GS1 standards and interoperability across supply chains. We are looking forward to contributing and learning from this engagement.”

NutriScope is a Toronto-based start-up founded in 2018. Designed around GS1 standards, the NutriScope platform is using advanced PLM concepts to build a comprehensive Digital Twin/Thread for Products and Supply Chains, and is leveraging Graph, AI, ML technologies to achieve Innovation, Integrity, and Intelligence in Food Supply Chains.

CEO Horia Bradau commented:

“With a myriad of blockchain solutions appearing overnight in the Supply Chain space, a coordination and perhaps a standardization effort is needed in order to enable interoperability between platforms and avoid vendor lock-in. TraceAlliance is a major step in this direction.”

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