Trace Labs, OriginTrail and TRAC

Understanding the relations between Trace Labs, OriginTrail's Decentralized Knowledge Graph, the TRAC token and investors

Trace Labs, located at Wyndham Street 46-48 in Hong Kong, serves as the for-profit core development team of OriginTrail. The team mostly comes from Slovenia and is currently actively engaged in various initiatives across Europe. They are responsible for driving the development and innovation of the project, focusing on creating platforms and solutions for businesses in a B2B (business to business) context.

Trace Labs, as a business entity, does not have any legal obligations towards the retail community. However, the core values of the team - neutrality, usability, inclusiveness - are very much aligned with providing a valuable open network to the community.

In fact, Trace Labs has a valid interest to see the TRAC token rise - over 100M TRAC is located in the treasury for OriginTrail's development. By aligning the project's tokenomics with network effects, Trace Labs has strategically designed the system so that the increased utilization of the DKG directly contributes to the enhanced value of TRAC. This interdependence creates a virtuous cycle wherein the expansion of the DKG ecosystem translates into a more valuable TRAC token, further incentivizing adoption and network participation.

The place where the community's interests are aligned with Trace Labs' is a rising network activity, which in turn translates to a higher token value.

Trace Labs recognizes the importance of business adoption to sustain profitability, and thus their initial marketing efforts prioritize reaching out to other businesses. However, it is crucial to maintain the core principles of neutrality, compliance, and open-source nature of OriginTrail in order to persuade businesses to onboard their IT systems onto the DKG. Demonstrating a commitment to these values ensures that OriginTrail remains a trusted and reliable platform for businesses to integrate with. While partnerships or promotional activities with entities like NBA, hockey stadiums, or UFC may seem attractive from a marketing perspective, they may be counterproductive to the project's overarching goals and scope. Upholding the project's neutrality and focus on B2B adoption remains key to the long-term success and sustainability of OriginTrail.

In the context of the TRAC token, Trace Labs has intentionally avoided engaging in pre-sales to venture capitalists, prioritizing the project's neutrality and fairness. The team firmly stands against paying for exchange listings as it contradicts the principles of the project. Instead, OriginTrail aims to address the liquidity and exposure challenges by focusing on increasing network activity and profitability. By fostering adoption and generating real value through the usage of the DKG, Trace Labs intends to attract organic interest from exchanges and investors, establishing a sustainable ecosystem based on its utility and potential. While the lack of liquidity and exchange exposure may pose initial challenges, OriginTrail's commitment to its core principles and the organic growth of the network will lay the foundation for long-term success.

The key to breaking this relentless cycle of no VC support, low trading volume, insufficient token price support, limited retail marketing, and a lack of speculators lies in a token price increase solely driven by its utility and value.

In essence, the most effective retail marketing strategy revolves around verifiable high network activity and profitable nodes. This outcome is achieved through genuine real-world adoption, which sets OriginTrail apart from many projects that prioritize retail marketing efforts and high APR straight from the beginning with no sustainable way to back them.

Moving forward, there are several favorable situations that should contribute to TRAC becoming more valuable. These include Trace Labs partnerships with notable entities like EU Commission, Swiss railways, BSI/SCAN/Aidtrust, OneAgrix, and Ontochain, who are committed to utilizing the DKG for their own applications, chatDKG, an open-source framework dedicated to driving the adoption of trusted knowledge through decentralized AI, addressing a critical issue in the AI field - hallucinations, V6 network update, introducing knowledge assets and a fresh set of tokenomics designed to enhance the value of TRAC, OTP Community funds and governance on the OT Parachain, providing opportunities for the community to actively promote the DKG and contribute to its growth. These developments demonstrate the ongoing efforts to expand OriginTrail's network, leverage emerging technologies, and empower the community's engagement in shaping the future of the project.

Promoting TRAC is not an easy task, as it carries a complexity akin to TCP/IP protocols. Nevertheless, TRAC is poised to become a fundamental pillar of the Semantic Web. Dr. Bob Metcalfe, the Father of Ethernet, noted that its intricacies make it particularly intriguing to only a select few. In fact, the DKG serves as a backend protocol. Its primary purpose is to facilitate widespread usage without requiring end-users to possess an in-depth understanding of its intricacies. The focus lies in enabling seamless integration and utilization, providing value to businesses and individuals without necessarily burdening them with the technical complexities involved.

In response to this complexity and to assist new investors in gaining a clearer understanding, I have decided to create OriginTrail Deep Dive. This resource aims to simplify information and provide a comprehensive overview, making it easier for newcomers to grasp the key concepts of OriginTrail. In return, my hope is to generate a heightened interest in building applications on top of the DKG. It is crucial to emphasize that achieving the end goal is a collective effort that we must pursue together. By fostering a collaborative environment and inspiring others to explore the potential of the DKG, we can collectively drive the growth and success of OriginTrail.

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