Staking Instructions

Last updated: 2024-03-17

Delegated staking is live on Gnosis mainnet. Delegated staking on NeuroWebAI (formerly known as OriginTrail Parachain) will go live at a later date.

Step 1 - Add Gnosis Network to MetaMask

Begin by adding the Gnosis network to your Metamask extension by either connecting MetaMask to this link or manually with the info below

Network nameGnosis


Chain ID


Currency symbol


Add Gnosis TRAC on MetaMask by importing this contract address. You will see your Gnosis TRAC once you complete Step 2.


Step 2 - Fund your wallet

Begin by obtaining xDAI for operations on Gnosis chain through their faucet. If the wallet is down, you can try the Jumper to swap any assets to xDAI on Gnosis. If Ethereum gas fee is high, you can request 0.01 xDAI if you are going to stake on OTHub nodes at our Telegram.

Since Gnosis is EVM compatible, you can use your Ledger connected to MetaMask for all operations to keep your funds safe. Connect your Ledger to MetaMask using these instructions.

Once you obtained xDAI, bridge your ERC-20 TRAC from Ethereum to Gnosis by using the Omnibridge. Switch your MetaMask network to Gnosis as configured on Step 1, then input the amount of TRAC you want to bridge. You will have to Unlock (first transaction) then Transfer (second transfer) to bridge your TRAC. The transaction can take up to an hour, and even if you close the window, you will eventually receive your TRAC on Gnosis chain.

There is no fee for bridging assets to Gnosis other than regular gas fee. However, there is a 0.1% cut on your assets when you bridge assets back to Ethereum from Gnosis.

If your TRAC is currently teleported on NeuroWeb AI (formerly known as OriginTrail parachain), you need to teleport them back to Ethereum before you can stake on Gnosis. You must send your tokens to the teleport contract before the 10th of each month and the teleport will happen on the 15th.

Step 3 - Stake

A node can be fully operational with delegated stake only as long as the total stake amount is 50k TRAC or above. If the node you add your stake to has less than 50k TRAC, it will not be earning any publishes.

Visit the staking dashboard and connect to your Metamask.

Select the node to delegate your TRAC and input the amount you want. You need to confirm 2 transactions.

Note that delegated stake sent to a node will lock your TRAC for 28 days.

If you are staking a large amount, you might have to manually increase the gas by adding an extra 0 to the gas limit in the advanced settings on MetaMask on the second transaction. See picture below.

You have now successfully staked your xTRAC!

The editor of OriginTrail Deep Dive, BRX, is a long time community admin of OriginTrail and a 3+ year node runner on the network. BRX is also part of team OTHub, an open source community driven project providing network analytics, node statistics and an API to everyone for free. To keep OTHub servers running and to keep providing Deep Dive with the latest content, we appreciate any stake you could delegate to our OTHub, OTHub2 or OTHub3 node.

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