Network Operating System (nOS)

Network Operating System (nOS) is a hub for open industry data exchange, combining the benefits of the blockchain, global standards, and enterprise-grade software.

One of the most important aspects of the entire OriginTrail ecosystem is the nOS, which stands for Network Operating System. nOS allows companies to on-ramp and market buy TRAC via any exchange without actually keeping any cryptocurrencies in their enterprise finances. TRAC is only utilized in the background, is directly purchased when needed, and used in nodes immediately (see this writeup for details).

As cryptocurrency never touches the company’s accounting books, it solves the problem of mainstream companies needing to purchase and hold cryptocurrency to use the protocol.

Other more recent developments include FireBlocks integration of TRAC allowing for institutional buyers.

nOS provides a single interface for connecting, rather than replacing, existing legacy IT systems with different blockchain ecosystems and the OriginTrail protocol. It is an enabler for enterprise use of decentralized technologies, fostering interoperability, and preventing vendor lock-in. nOS is available for Oracle users through an integration available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

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