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Advisory Board
Father of Ethernet
The core developer team of OriginTrail has expanded the advisory board with one of the earliest Internet pioneers, professor Bob Metcalfe. Dr. Metcalfe invented Ethernet and is famous for Metcalfe’s Law. As the OriginTrail Knowledge Graph gains traction among users worldwide, Dr. Metcalfe will help apply Metcalfe’s Law to predict the value of linked data based on the network effect.
Group Director of Innovation at BSI
Dan Purtell, Group Director of Innovation at BSI, joins the advisory board of OriginTrail. As BSI’s Director of Innovation, Dan will be advising the Trace Labs’ board of directors on innovation strategies for deploying the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph in diverse industries and sectors such as assurance, pharmaceuticals, and supply chains.

Ken Lyon

Global expert on supply chains
Ken Lyon is Managing Director of Virtual Partners Ltd and has over 40 years of experience in the transportation industry. He has devoted his career to bringing new technologies into global logistics, including founding various logistics technology ventures. Ken also held the position of Director and VP of information services at UPS for 10+ years, during that time helping to establish the global supply chain solutions business (UPS SCS). Ken will be providing assistance to all applications of the Decentralized Knowledge Graph in supply chain applications.

Greg Kidd

Privacy and Decentralization principles Advisor
Greg Kidd is an advisor and an early or a first round investor through the investment firm Hard Yaka for numerous reputable companies including Coinbase, Shift (now Apto), Ripple, Protocol Labs (the company behind the Filecoin), Uphold, Solana, Robinhood, Square and Twitter. He previously served as the director of Promontory Financial and senior analyst for payments for the Federal Reserve Board of Governor. Greg is a believer that one’s identity credentials should be truly portable and owned by individuals themselves rather than corporations or governments, which led him to found and lead GlobaliD — a universal identity solution that is easy to use, ties users to unique names, and transcends borders and institutions.
Structured Content Architect at Telus
Aaron Bradley, Structured Content Architect at Telus, ex knowledge graph strategist at Electronic Arts (EA). As a knowledge graph expert and an experienced content modeler, Aaron will be advising the Trace Labs’ board of directors on strategies for evangelizing the OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph to developer communities within various sectors such as enterprise, media, content creation and others.
Investor, advisor and founder of Ventura X Ventures
Cristina is an active advisor and investor on the areas of blockchain, consumer tech and sustainability, focusing on Asia. She has held global C-level positions at LVMH, Gucci, Prada IPO, opened Apple Hong Kong & China, and Chief Catalyst Officer at Lane Crawford Joyce Group, biggest luxury group in Asia. She is on the board of HBS Singapore, SEA Ambassador for the Global Blockchain Business Council and YPO ASEAN member.