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Notable Press mentions of OriginTrail
​OriginTrail is doing one of the most interesting combinations of blockchain technology and RDF that I have seen. In November I spoke with CTO and co-founder Branimir Rakić. Interview by Bob Ducharme.
Diners in Dubai enjoyed the ‘world’s first’ steak with DNA traceability, supporting the export of Halal approved meat from the UK.
​OriginTrail is a Decentralized knowledge graph that couples and organizes these two worlds together. This way, all these digital items are much more discoverable, verifiable, and thus becoming even more valuable.
Whether or not OriginTrail is the company that succeeds, the shape of a global database seems a very large movement with real momentum. One of the advisors to OriginTrail is Bob Metcalfe, the legendary inventor of the Ethernet networking technology that is ubiquitous in computer networks. At an event in Williamsburg, Brooklyn on Tuesday evening sponsored by the company, Metcalfe told me the approach of the DKG is the future.
Decentralized knowledge graphs such as the kind that startup OriginTrail is making will lead to levels of value far greater than has been the case on the internet so far, says Bob Metcalfe.
Decentralized Knowledge Graph Facilitating Trusted Data Sharing in Real World & Across Web3.
“There are three underlying reasons behind the sudden spike in TRAC’s price and trading volume: the ongoing rollout of OriginTrail v6, the launch of AidTrust and the migration to Web3. “
“You have to hand it to Tracelabs, the group behind the Origintrail project. The system compensates users for their efforts and serves a vital role in improving business systems. The fact that the network can integrate multiple top-performing blockchains and legacy business systems is another huge plus. These benefits and many others continue to make Origintrail (TRAC) a project to watch in 2022.”


“When a problem such as contamination or mislabeling is discovered, the solution enables quick discovery of the product trail end-to-end. With all the data interconnected and accessible, it is easier to track and trace the root cause of any problem that may occur.”
From left to right: Branimir Rakić, Co-founder, OriginTrail; BSI; Maja Voje, Chief Marketing Officer, OriginTrail; David Brown, Director of Corporate Development, BSI; Tomaž Levak, Co-founder, OriginTrail; Dan Purtell, Director Of Innovation, BSI; and Žiga Drev, Co-founder, OriginTrail.
BSI, the business standards company, has exclusively partnered with OriginTrail to deliver blockchain-enabled solutions that will enhance its global assessment, certification and supply chain services to confirm the provenance of goods and/or the integrity of digital records or services.
Our engineering team has utilized the data available from the Bitcoin blockchain and put it in the context of GS1 standards for tracking goods and events and published it on the OriginTrail Decentralized Network. Using the underlying data layer capabilities and graph technology, the team was able to easily aggregate information in the GS1 standardised form, enabling us to do a graph visualization of how the stolen funds are being transferred and to add new, unstructured data to the graph as it becomes available.