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OriginTrail Deep Dive is maintained by BRX, OriginTrail community admin. This information hub is intended for educational purposes only, and does not constitute financial advice.
Due to a lack of manpower, some illustrations and texts were directly taken from the Official OriginTrail website and the Official OriginTrail Medium, as well as public presentations done by the team. Illustrations and texts from community members were also used with their permission.
Should anyone wish to remove any material on this website, they can reach me on Telegram @BRX86, Discord BRX#1315, Twitter @otnoderunner.
The purpose of OriginTrail Deep Dive is to be the central hub to all information related to OriginTrail and putting them together in one place for easier following of events by the common user. I do not receive any incentives from anyone other than donations.
Special Thanks to: LuKu, K'walla, Shys, Hottogo, IOTB, Milian, Amos, Mr. Mountain, Kitty Tamatoa and all other #tracers for helping put this together.
I sincerely hope that you appreciate the effort put into making OriginTrail Deep Dive and that you have learned something valuable. If you liked reading this, please share it among friends and family!