The Food Safety Market

The Food Safety Market is harnessing the power of OriginTrail and Big Data to transform the European food certification market

TheFSM project is developing an industrial data platform to give a digital boost to the way food certification takes place in Europe. It builds on the power of big data and state-of-the-art blockchain technologies to create an open and collaborative virtual environment that facilitates the exchange and connection of data between different food safety actors interested in sharing information that is critical to certification. Bringing together 11 partners from eight EU countries, the project will conduct extensive piloting with European providers of inspection and certification services. The project has a budget of EUR 6.5 million.

OriginTrail Decentralized Knowledge Graph is one of the core building blocks of TheFSM platform, providing the trust enhancing infrastructure along with the underlying blockchains. Based on semantic technologies and open data models, such as W3C RDF, SPARQL, and Verifiable Credentials, OriginTrail enables a decentralized marketplace for certification and traceability data residing in existing IT systems.

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