Gnosis setup

Last updated: 2024-02-15

The guide below is for running a node on Gnosis chain only.

As of February 2024, Gnosis chain is the only chain that supports delegated staking. Delegated staking is expected to come on NeuroWebAI shortly after.

Step 1 - Add Gnosis Network to MetaMask

Begin by adding the Gnosis network to your Metamask extension by either connecting MetaMask to this link or manually

Add xTRAC on MetaMask by importing the contract address below


Step 2 - Fund your wallet

Begin by obtaining xDAI for operations on Gnosis chain through their faucet.

If you require more xDAI, you can use Jumper to swap any assets to xDAI on Gnosis.

Gnosis is EVM compatible. Therefore, you can use your Ethereum wallet on MetaMask or Ledger for all operations.

If you want to delegate to your own node, bridge your ERC-20 TRAC from Ethereum to Gnosis by using the Omnibridge.

A node can be fully operational with delegated stake only as long as the total stake amount is 50k TRAC or above.

Step 3 - Install your node

In order to deploy your OriginTrail V6 node on Gnosis, you will need a Linux (Ubuntu) server with the following minimum recommended hardware:

  • 4GB RAM

  • 2CPUs

  • 50GB HDD space

Log into the server as root. You cannot use sudo and run this script.

Gather the following information:

Run the one-liner installer script and select the appropriate prompts

cd /root/ && curl -k -o && chmod +x && ./

You must choose an SQL password for the installer to work. Do not leave that field empty.


In order to use aliases to quickly check node logs, start/stop/restart node, change node config, you must execute the following script after the installation:

source ~/.bashrc

Once the sourcing is done, try the following: otnode-logs





You have now successfully completed your node installation! You can check the logs by using the alias otnode-logs.

Step 4 - Set node ask

The default ask is set to 0.01 in the script below. Please change it to your desired ask price.

Find an rpcEndpoint by going to this link.

npm -C /root/ot-node/current run set-ask -- --rpcEndpoint=https://<desired_rpc_endpoint> --ask=0.01 --privateKey=$(jq -r '.modules.blockchain.implementation.otp.config.evmOperationalWalletPrivateKey' /root/ot-node/.origintrail_noderc) --hubContractAddress=0x5fA7916c48Fe6D5F1738d12Ad234b78c90B4cAdA

Step 5 - Add stake

Visit Houston and connect your admin wallet. Head to Service Tokenomics and follow the on screen instructions to set up node operator fee, node ask and node stake!

You can then visit the staking dashboard to find your node.


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